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July 1, 2005

Interest Groups Mobilize for Court Push (AP) »

  • The American people must be part of this great debate over our future,” president Ralph Neas said.

July 2, 2005

Dems: Bush Administration Has Failed Vets (AP) »

  • “The president has an obligation to our troops, their families and to the American people to tell the truth about the costs and sacrifices necessary to win the war in Iraq,” she said. “There’s no better time than now, as we celebrate our country’s independence and all that is great about this nation, for the president to give us the facts and lay out a plan.”

July 5, 2005

Cason Defends Advocacy of Cuban Dissidents (AP) »

  • Repeating a tradition begun two years ago, the Cuban government on Monday held its own July 4 event, a concert paying homage to the American people. Havana emphasizes that it respects the American people even while it disdains their government’s policies.

July 6, 2005

US senator calls for plan to empower Iraqi forces (AFP) »

  • “So that both Iraqi and American people and the other countries of the world understand that we are not here for an unlimited period of time.”

July 9, 2005

G-8 Leaders Unveil $50B in African Aid (AP) »

  • Upon arriving in Washington, Bush went directly to the British Embassy to sign a condolence book on behalf of the American people.

July 13, 2005

Bush Says He’ll Consider Woman for Court (AP) »

  • “But the American people can rest assured that I understand the seriousness of this responsibility and I will name someone who will bring dignity to the court, someone who will be able to do the job and someone who will sit on that bench and interpret the Constitution and not use the bench from which to legislate.”

July 14, 2005

O’Connor Urged to Reconsider Retirement (AP) »

  • “If a nominee’s ideology, judicial philosophy, constitutional views are central considerations in a president’s decision to nominate, as they inevitably are, and if such questioning is going on in private, I dare say that the American people have an absolute right to have those questions answered publicly,” Schumer said.

July 15, 2005

Senate Balks at Implementing Budget Cuts (AP) »

  • “What they’ve done is cut defense $7 billion over what the budget said so they can put money into the Labor-HHS bill and other areas and then they take $7 billion from the cushion supposedly to pay for the war and fund the Defense Department’s routine needs,” said Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. “They’re not being honest with the American people.”

Calif. Congressman Won’t Seek Re-Election (AP) »

  • The American people deserve a Congress that looks out for their pocketbook issues, not their own pocketbooks,” said Bill Burton, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

July 17, 2005

Free Trips Yield Bonuses for Lawmakers (AP) »

  • “If it’s enough to create the concern in the American people that congresspeople again — again — are looking like boneheads, then why waste time on that one?” Simpson asked. “Just disclose it.”

July 18, 2005

White House Mum on Disclosure in CIA Leak (AP) »

  • “There’s no evidence that (Rove has) done anything criminally wrong,” Sen. Lindsey Graham , R-S.C., said on CBS. He said the American people are taking the controversy “for what it is — politics.” Copyright © 2005 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. The information contained in the AP News report may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the prior written authority of The Associated Press.

July 20, 2005

Roberts found ‘deep regard’ for court arguing cases ( »

  • Sen. Charles Schumer , D-N.Y., a member of the Judiciary Committee that will hold a confirmation hearing, said, “It is vital that Judge Roberts answer a wide range of questions openly, honestly, and fully in the coming months. His views will affect a generation of Americans and it is his obligation during the nomination process to let the American people know those views.” He added, “The burden is on a nominee to the Supreme Court to prove that he is worthy, not on the Senate to prove he is unworthy.

July 21, 2005

Democrats Forgo Discord on Court Pick, at Least for Now (Los Angeles Times) »

  • “Ever since Justice [Sandra Day] O’Connor announced her retirement [July 1], I have called on the president to choose a nominee who can unite the country, not divide it,” Reid said. “It remains to be seen whether John Roberts fits that description. I hope that he does, and I look forward to giving him the opportunity to make his case to the American people.”

July 22, 2005

House Votes to Extend Patriot Act (AP) »

  • “The Patriot Act is a key part of our efforts to combat terrorism and protect the American people, and the Congress needs to send me a bill soon that renews the act without weakening our ability to fight terror,” Bush said in a statement released by the White House.

US House votes to renew sweeping ‘Patriot Act’ supervision laws (AFP) »

  • “The Patriot Act is a key part of our effort to combat terrorism and protect the American people, and the Congress needs to send me a bill soon that renews the act without weakening our ability to fight terror,” said Bush.

Kerry Seeks Release of Roberts’ Documents (AP) »

  • The American people should know whether John Roberts will protect their constitutional rights if confirmed as a justice to the court,” Kerry said in a statement.

July 23, 2005

Democrats spotlight CIA leak in radio address (Reuters) »

  • “We deserve people who work in the White House who arecommitted to protecting classified information, telling thetruth to the American people, and living by example to the ideathat a country at war with Islamic extremists cannot focus itsefforts on attacking other American citizens who simply triedto tell the truth,” Johnson said.

Bush satisfied with initial reception for court nominee (AFP) »

  • The American people should know whether John Roberts will protect their constitutional rights if confirmed as a justice to the court, Kerry said in a statement. These documents should be released to the Congress in their entirety.

White House Condemns Bombings in Egypt (AP) »

  • President Bush, who is at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland, spoke with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Saturday morning to offer his personal condolences and the support of the American people.

Obama a Celebrity Despite Low-Key Approach (AP) »

  • “There’s a lot of freight placed on symbolic gestures,” Obama says. “I don’t think that plays well with the American people. … Despite the fact that I come from what would be considered the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, I don’t always agree with the strategy and tactics of some of my friends on the left.”

July 24, 2005

White House Won’t Show All Roberts Papers (AP) »

  • “And of course there is no lawyer-client privilege,” he said. “Those working in the solicitor general’s office are not working for the president. They’re working for you and me and all the American people.”

July 28, 2005

Roberts Assures Dem He Won’t Be Activist (AP) »

  • “The Senate has a duty to the American people of today and tomorrow to get it right. I hope the White House will help and not hinder the Senate in getting it right,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, the Judiciary Committee’s top Democrat.