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March 1, 2008

Defiant Clinton grills Obama on foreign policy skills (AFP) »

  • "Real change isnt voting for George Bushs war in Iraq and then telling the American people it was actually a vote for more diplomacy when you start running for president," he said.

Clinton focuses on boosting turnout (AP) »

  • Obama fired back at rally in Providence, R.I., telling supporters: “Real change isn’t voting for George Bush’s war in Iraq and then telling the American people it was actually a vote for more diplomacy when you start running for president.”

March 2, 2008

Obama makes only stop in RI, slams rival (AP) »

  • “Real change isn’t voting for George Bush’s war in Iraq and then telling the American people it was actually a vote for more diplomacy when you start running for president,” Obama said. “The title of the bill was `A Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq.’ I knew what it was, Lincoln Chafee knew what it was,” said Obama. Chafee is a former Republican Rhode Island senator who was an outspoken opponent of the war.

March 5, 2008

More FBI privacy violations confirmed (AP) »

  • “We are committed to ensuring that we not only get this right, but maintain the vital trust of the American people,” Mueller said. He offered no additional details about the upcoming audit.

March 6, 2008

Congress wants more info on beef recall (AP) »

  • “This is not proprietary information. This is information that is directly engaged in the health and safety of the American people, which we have a responsibility, along with you, to protect,” said Rep. Maurice Hinchey, D-N.Y.

March 7, 2008

Obama camp rejects adviser’s comments (AP) »

  • “He has been and will continue to be crystal clear with the American people,” Plouffe told reporters in a conference call.
  • Clinton said the two instances suggest “he keeps telling people one thing, while his campaign tells people abroad something else. I’m not sure what the American people should believe.”

March 8, 2008

Clinton stumps for wife in Mississippi (AP) »

  • “The president’s second term was significantly damaged by the reaction to what happened after Katrina, because the American people thought that it wasn’t handled right,” Clinton continued. “They thought that we didn’t have professionals in charge of our emergency management agency any more.”

March 12, 2008

AFL-CIO targets McCain’s economic record (AP) »

  • “The AFL-CIO’s campaign against John McCain isn’t about working families, it’s about partisan politics,” McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said. “While they spend millions of dollars on old-style attack politics that the American people are sick and tired of, John McCain is working to move America forward with a positive, optimistic vision for our future.”

March 13, 2008

Obama criticizes McCain on taxes (AP) »

  • McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement that if Obama is nominated, “the American people will have a clear choice: John McCain will cut taxes while Senator Obama will raise them, hurting our economy and costing jobs for hardworking Americans.”

March 14, 2008

Budget would torpedo Bush’s tax cuts (AP) »

  • “This may be the last bastion in America where they don’t get it,” he told reporters after Thursday night’s vote. “Americans are sick and tired of the way we do business in Washington. As president, I promise the American people … the first earmarked, pork-barrel bill that comes across my desk, I’ll veto it.”

House passes spy bill and rejects phone immunity (Reuters) »

  • House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer accused theadministration of "trying to stampede this Congress intopassing the Senate bill. This Congress owes the American peoplemore than blind obeisance to the executive branch."

March 18, 2008

Fed poised to cut rates again (AP) »

  • “The priority we have is a stable, orderly financial markets,” he said on CBS’ “The Early Show. “This is very important to the health of our economy and it’s very important to the American people because access to credit is key to businesses that need to invest to create jobs, it’s key to families that need to borrow to finance a home or for college education.”

March 19, 2008

Clinton calls on Obama to back primaries (AP) »

  • “Senator Obama speaks passionately on the campaign trail about empowering the American people,” said the former first lady, who trails her rival in delegates won to date. “Today I am asking him to match those words with actions.”

March 20, 2008

McCain lauds UK troops in Iraq (AP) »

  • But he acknowledged some mistakes had been made in postwar planning. “The problem with Iraq, in my view, is because it was mishandled after the initial success, that caused great frustration, sacrifice and sorrow on the part of the American people and our allies,” he said.

In Indiana, Clinton leans on Evan Bayh (AP) »

  • “I just wish that all the American people could see Hillary the way I have seen her,” he said as he wrapped up the hourlong round-table, where he seemed to answer almost as many questions as she did.

March 21, 2008

Motive sought for Obama passport breach (AP) »

  • “This is an outrageous breach of security and privacy, even from an administration that has shown little regard for either over the last eight years,” Burton said. “Our government’s duty is to protect the private information of the American people, not use it for political purposes.”

Dems crushing McCain in money war ( »

  • "The Democratic race is far from being settled and we've got an incredible opportunity to focus this race and show the American people why McCain is the most qualified and most prepared for the job," the strategist said.

NM Gov. Bill Richardson endorsing Obama (AP) »

  • “I believe he is the kind of once-in-a-lifetime leader that can bring our nation together and restore America’s moral leadership in the world,” Richardson said in a statement obtained by the AP. “As a presidential candidate, I know full well Senator Obama’s unique moral ability to inspire the American people to confront our urgent challenges at home and abroad in a spirit of bipartisanship and reconciliation.”

Obama has clear money advantage (AP) »

  • “Fundraising has always been event-driven,” said Donald Fowler, a former Democratic National Committee chairman. “The American people just don’t sit around trying to think up ways of giving up money. Something has to draw attention to the need.”

March 22, 2008

Democrats demand ‘straight talk’ on Iraq (AP) »

  • The American people are still waiting to hear the straight talk we deserve,” Menendez said in the Democrats’ weekly radio address. “Instead of making more sweeping claims of victory, as he did this week, it’s time for the president to face the reality of the situation we’re in.”

March 24, 2008

Clinton makes housing push ( »

  • The Obama campaign’s Bill Burton said in reply to the announcement that Clinton was giving a major speech on housing: “Hillary Clinton’s ties to the financial industry – most clearly apparent through money she has raised from their PACs and lobbyists – demonstrate just how entrenched she is in the old Washington ways of doing business. We simply cannot achieve the sort of changes in our economic outlook the American people need right now, if we don’t change the way we do business in Washington.”

McCain says US succeeding in Iraq (AP) »

  • Despite all that, McCain told reporters: “I don’t think I would change the strategy now unless General Petraeus recommended it. I think he’s trusted by the American people, the president and by me. And General Petraeus again showed me facts on the ground where the surge is succeeding.”

March 25, 2008

Dems to hammer McCain for ‘100 years’ (Politico) »

  • “The point he was making is really postwar. He’s not even taken a position,” said Mark Salter, McCain’s top adviser. “He’s trying to explain whether you could have a presence, a base, in Iraq after war, and the American people would accept it. His argument always was, 'If we are not taking casualties, well, they’ve accepted it in Japan, Korea and Germany.'”

March 26, 2008

McCain: Collaborate more with allies (AP) »

  • “Any president who does not regard this threat as transcending all others does not deserve to sit in the White House, for he or she does not take seriously enough the first and most basic duty a president has — to protect the lives of the American people,” McCain added, suggesting that neither of his Democratic rivals, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama, understand the stakes at hand.

March 27, 2008

Candidates promise review of FOIA order (AP) »

  • _Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki: “Senator Obama was an original co-sponsor of the OPEN Government Act of 2007, a law designed to further promote transparency and accountability in our government. He has made clear that he will task his attorney general with immediately reviewing Bush administration executive orders so that he can reverse any directives that are unconstitutional or unnecessarily infringe on the civil rights and liberties of the American people. Beyond appointing a strong attorney general, Obama is committed to new and bold reforms to ensure that people know what their government is doing: by creating a database to disclose how much federal contractors spend on lobbying and what contracts they receive; by disclosing tax breaks for corporations on the Internet; by ending the abuse of no-bid contracts; and by shedding light on all earmarks.”
  • _John McCain: “If there was a way it (requested information) could be used by our enemies or al-Qaida, then obviously we wouldn’t want it disclosed. I understand the thrust of what the (Bush) administration was doing. … I would have the whole process reviewed to make sure we were giving the American people and the media as much information as we possibly can. … Overclassification has been true in every administration Republican or Democrat. I’ve seen documents many times that were classified that I’d get better information from reading any of the daily newspapers. So I think it’s a balance. The danger with overclassification is you cheapen the classification so therefore it is more likely to be leaked or disclosed.”

Bloomberg still withholding endorsement (AP) »

  • “Mr. Mayor,” he added a moment later, “I share your determination to bring this country together to finally make progress for the American people.”

Obama, Clinton offer economic plans (AP) »

  • “We do American business — and the American people — no favors when we turn a blind eye to excessive leverage and dangerous risks,” Obama said.

March 28, 2008

Race is on to define McCain (AP) »

  • “In some ways, I’m well-known to the American people. In other ways, I’m not well-known,” McCain told The Associated Press on Friday.

March 29, 2008

Today on the presidential campaign trail (AP) »

  • “In some ways, I’m well-known to the American people. In other ways, I’m not well-known,” McCain told The Associated Press on Friday.

March 30, 2008

Gore launches $300 million campaign (Politico) »

  • "For the new Congress and the new president to get something meaningful done, it will take the American people demanding change," the organizer said.

Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar endorses Obama (AP) »

  • Klobuchar, a freshman Democrat, said Obama speaks “with a different voice, bringing a new perspective and inspiring a real excitement from the American people.” She compared him to the late Hubert Humphrey, who served as a senator from Minnesota and as vice president.