July 29, 2004: Text of Sen. Joe Lieberman’s Speech (AP)

  • America looks very different today than it did four years ago. People are worried about their jobs, their rising health care bills, their kids education, their retirement, and their environment. John Kerry and John Edwards have practical, sensible plans to relieve those worries. But all of these plans wont mean much unless we can restore American’s sense of personal security; unless we can free the American people from the fear of terrorism. On Sept. 11, 2001, we were brutally attacked by Islamist terrorists who hate us more than they love their own lives; fanatics who are as great a threat to our security and freedom as the Nazis and Communists we defeated in the last century. Make no mistake: this war, like those earlier conflicts, is a war of values.
  • In this campaign, we will vigorously disagree with the other side. But we should not resort to personally demonizing them to win the election. Such tactics are wrong, regardless of who practices them, because they divide and diminish America at a time when we must stand united and strong. Instead, we will support John Kerry and John Edwards vision for a positive, hopeful future for the American people.