July 3, 2006: Congressman visits U.S. military in Iraq (AP)

  • However, Ryan’s Democratic opponent, Nancy Boyda, said the American people deserve to know what the plans are for Iraq and how much more it will cost the United States in lives and dollars.
  • The American people want to back their commander in chief, but they need more than slogans, like stay the course,” said Boyda, who lost to Ryun in 2004. “It’s up to them to provide the leadership. After taking Baghdad there was no plan to deal with the insurgency other than stay the course.”
  • “I don’t think you can call someone unpatriotic because they’re asking for a plan. Stay the course sounds good, but it’s not a plan,” Boyda said. “The American people want some assurance that the cost in lives and the money is going to result in victory.”