January 15, 2008: Democrats’ debate quotes (AP)

  • _”And I believe that, right now, the only way we’re going to move the country forward is if we can bring the country together, not just Democrats but independents, Republicans who have also lost trust in government, and we are able to push aside the special interests and the lobbyists, and we are truthful with the American people and enlisting them in changing how our health care system works, how our economy works, what our tax code looks like.”
  • _”I think that the decision for every voter in this election should revolve around first whether you believe America needs change. If you do, who you think will be most effective in bringing about that change. We have different perspectives on that. I think the system in Washington is broken. I don’t think it works. And I think the American people, middle-class Americans, are struggling and suffering. They can’t pay for their health care. They’re losing their jobs. They can’t pay for their kids to go to college. This is a very personal thing for me.”