October 23, 2008: Big Issue: Voters look for answers on health care (AP)

  • “We’re so busy taking care of other places, and other countries and rebuilding for them, that the American people are just lost in the picture somewhere,” Gibel said. Recommend Buzz Up Send Email IM Share Digg Facebook Newsvine del.icio.us Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print (function() { /** * YUI function to get all elements by class name * getElementsByClass */ function getElementsByClass(className, tag, root) { tag = tag || ‘*’; root = (typeof root == ‘string’) ? document.getElementById(root) : root || document; var nodes = [], elements = root.getElementsByTagName(tag), re = new RegExp(‘(?:^|\s+)’ + className + ‘(?:\s+|$)’); for (var i = 0, len = elements.length; i defaultHeight) { // if primary exists then use that height, otherwise use related var obj = getElementsByClass(‘primary-media’,’div’,related)[0]; if (!obj) obj = related; // set height from primary or related container minHeight = parseInt(obj.offsetHeight, 10); // if the minheight is smaller than default, then set it to default if ( (minHeight heightLimit) { // set overflow and height bd.style.height = minHeight + “px”; bd.className += ” overflow”; story.className += ” read-closed”; // add read more expand button var div = document.createElement(‘div’); div.className = ‘read-more read-more-expand’; div.innerHTML = ‘Read Full Article’; // we have to handle the case where a user might click the button before our YUI script loads // if so, remove the height and overflow setting then hide the button, also add #full hash to url so // if script eventually is loaded it doesnt recreate the buttons and collapse the story div.onclick = function(ev) { var e = ev || window.event; // show full story bd.style.height = ‘auto’; bd.className = bd.className.replace(‘overflow’,”); story.className = story.className.replace(‘read-closed’,”); // hide the toggle button div.className += ’ hide’; // add #full hash to url to prevent YUI script from loading window.location.hash = ‘#full’; // disable link follow if (e.preventDefault) { e.preventDefault(); } else { e.returnValue = false; } } // add div to document bd.appendChild(div); } }})(); More… Video: A Closer Look at Candidates' Health Plans ABC News Video: How to rig an election CNN Video: Palin: plus or drag on McCain? Reuters 60 Minutes: Afghanistan battle intensifies: On the ground with U.S. soldiers Taliban attacks increasing Most Viewed - Politics What are the candidates hiding? Politico McCain's path to victory through Pa. Politico McCain says Obama will ‘say anything’ to win AP GOP donors critical of Palin's pricey threads Politico Errors, mischief could lead to long election night AP All Most Viewed » Most Blogged - Elections $150,000 Wardrobe for Palin May Alter Tailor-Made Image New York Times – Wed Oct 22, 7:09 pm EDT Blogs About This Story (35) Prev Next Zombie: Billy Ayers’ Forgotten Communist Manifesto, ‘Prairie Fire’ Little Green Footballs – Wed Oct 22, 6:19 pm EDT Blogs About This Story (11) Prev Next Op-Ed Columnist: Rebranding the U.S. With Obama New York Times – Wed Oct 22, 8:18 pm EDT Blogs About This Story (8) Prev Next Elsewhere on the Web McClatchy Newspapers: Electric zaps help check for fish in Florida lake Politico: What are the candidates hiding? ABC News: Obama: McCain Poses Natl. Security Risk Alerts Get an alert when there are new stories about: Yglesias Republican presidential nominee John McCain multiple sclerosis diabetes insurance companies Add Selected Alerts View More Alerts » Also on Yahoo! News Today in History Obituaries Corrections News by Region (Yahoo! Directory) Yahoo! News & Media Sites Daily Features All Comics » Opinions & Editorials: Diverse views on news from the right, left, and center. All Opinion » Photo Highlight Photo Highlight Slideshow