May 22, 2009: Cigarette makers lose appeal in landmark case (AP)

  • In a statement, U.S. Deputy Attorney General David Ogden said the ruling affirmed “the governments position that for more than 50 years the tobacco companies deceived the American people.” He said it allows the Justice Department to now go after companies which continue their deceptive practices. Related Searches: philip morris philip morris usa federal appeals court liggett group inc tobacco industry Recommend Buzz Up Send Email IM Share Delicious Digg Facebook Fark Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print (function() { /** * YUI function to get all elements by class name * getElementsByClass */ function getElementsByClass(className, tag, root) { tag = tag || ‘*’; root = (typeof root == ‘string’) ? document.getElementById(root) : root || document; var nodes = [], elements = root.getElementsByTagName(tag), re = new RegExp(‘(?:^|\s+)’ + className + ‘(?:\s+|$)’); for (var i = 0, len = elements.length; i defaultHeight) { // if primary exists then use that height, otherwise use related var obj = getElementsByClass(‘primary-media’,’div’,related)[0]; if (!obj) obj = related; // set height from primary or related container minHeight = parseInt(obj.offsetHeight, 10); // if the minheight is smaller than default, then set it to default if ( (minHeight heightLimit) { // set overflow and height = minHeight + “px”; bd.className += ” overflow”; story.className += ” read-closed”; // add read more expand button var div = document.createElement(‘div’); div.className = ‘read-more read-more-expand’; div.innerHTML = ‘Read Full Article’; // we have to handle the case where a user might click the button before our YUI script loads // if so, remove the height and overflow setting then hide the button, also add #full hash to url so // if script eventually is loaded it doesnt recreate the buttons and collapse the story div.onclick = function(ev) { var e = ev || window.event; // show full story = ‘auto’; bd.className = bd.className.replace(‘overflow’,’expanded’); story.className = story.className.replace(‘read-closed’,”); // hide the toggle button div.className += ’ hide’; // disable link follow if (e.preventDefault) { e.preventDefault(); } else { e.returnValue = false; } } // add div to document bd.appendChild(div); } }})(); More… Politics Video: AP Top Stories AP Politics Video: Battle Lines Drawn FOX News Politics Video: Stephanopoulos on Terrorism Speeches ABC News Most Viewed - Politics Obama vows not to send people to war without cause AP The Bible bill? Politico Bush-era officials reject Cheney security stance AFP Pelosi seems to be weathering Republican criticism just fine McClatchy Newspapers Sen. McCain's son Jack graduates from Naval Academy The Yahoo! Newsroom All Most Viewed » Most Blogged - Politics “Out of the loop” Joe Biden says decision to shut Guantanamo was “like opening Pandora’s Box” Toby Harnden’s blog listings – Fri May 22, 9:25 am EDT Blogs About This Story (17) Prev Next Steele: Obama ‘Was Not Vetted Because The Press Fell In Love With The Black Man Running For The Office’ Think Progress – Fri May 22, 9:59 am EDT Blogs About This Story (13) Prev Next Facts and myths about Obama's preventive detention proposal Salon: Glenn Greenwald – Fri May 22, 6:23 am EDT Blogs About This Story (12) Prev Next Elsewhere on the Web Politico: The GOP's new tool: Huffington Post Politico: Plane problems bring down Ill. Dems McClatchy Newspapers: McConnell said 'I couldn't win," Bunning says Subscribe Add headlines to your personalized My Yahoo! page (About My Yahoo! and RSS) U.S. Government - AP Add to My Yahoo! More News Feeds » Alerts Get an alert when there are new stories about: Philip Morris Philip Morris USA federal appeals court Liggett Group Inc tobacco industry Add Selected Alerts View More Alerts » Also on Yahoo! News Today in History Obituaries Corrections News by Region (Yahoo! Directory) Yahoo! News & Media Sites Daily Features All Comics » Opinions & Editorials: Diverse views on news from the right, left, and center. All Opinion » Photo Highlight Photo Highlight Slideshow