July 29, 2008: GOP ready to link Obama to Reid, Pelosi (Politico)

  • “Our members are talking about the need for Republicans to begin to tell the story to the American people that on critical issues like energy, health care, gas prices and taxes this Democrat-controlled Congress has done little to make America safer or more prosperous,” Cantor said. “This lack of action, when viewed by the American people through the lens of the Democrats’ corruption, cronyism and K Street intimidation project is creating a massive disconnect and record low approval of Congress.”
  • Democrats are focused on “proposals to bring immediate relief to Americans and long-term solutions that will end our dependence on foreign oil,” Elshami continued. “Republicans on the other hand are protecting Big Oil’s record profits — fighting measures to lower prices and working to help oil companies grab more taxpayer lands. The American people will not fall for the Republican hoax.”