March 29, 2009: Michelle takes the world stage (Politico)

  • “She has shown that she has a good sense of communication and PR, like being photographed at a charity place,” said Marie Colmant, a French television commentator. “When she was doing that, our French first lady and the president were in Mexico at a luxury villa. She has a good perception of the temperature of the American people. She gets it.” Related Searches: michelle obama fashion Recommend Buzz Up Send Email IM Share Delicious Digg Facebook Fark Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print (function() { /** * YUI function to get all elements by class name * getElementsByClass */ function getElementsByClass(className, tag, root) { tag = tag || ‘*’; root = (typeof root == ‘string’) ? document.getElementById(root) : root || document; var nodes = [], elements = root.getElementsByTagName(tag), re = new RegExp(‘(?:^|\s+)’ + className + ‘(?:\s+|$)’); for (var i = 0, len = elements.length; i defaultHeight) { // if primary exists then use that height, otherwise use related var obj = getElementsByClass(‘primary-media’,’div’,related)[0]; if (!obj) obj = related; // set height from primary or related container minHeight = parseInt(obj.offsetHeight, 10); // if the minheight is smaller than default, then set it to default if ( (minHeight heightLimit) { // set overflow and height = minHeight + “px”; bd.className += ” overflow”; story.className += ” read-closed”; // add read more expand button var div = document.createElement(‘div’); div.className = ‘read-more read-more-expand’; div.innerHTML = ‘Read Full Article’; // we have to handle the case where a user might click the button before our YUI script loads // if so, remove the height and overflow setting then hide the button, also add #full hash to url so // if script eventually is loaded it doesnt recreate the buttons and collapse the story div.onclick = function(ev) { var e = ev || window.event; // show full story = ‘auto’; bd.className = bd.className.replace(‘overflow’,’expanded’); story.className = story.className.replace(‘read-closed’,”); // hide the toggle button div.className += ’ hide’; // disable link follow if (e.preventDefault) { e.preventDefault(); } else { e.returnValue = false; } } // add div to document bd.appendChild(div); } }})(); More on Elections Obama racial stereotypes, falsehoods flourish AP Obama conditions bailout funds for automakers AP W.H.: Chrysler small enough to fail Politico More » More… Politics Video: GM CEO to step down at White House request AP Politics Video: 'Pot. Kettle. Black.' FOX News Politics Video: Border Burden FOX News Most Viewed - Politics Obama conditions bailout funds for automakers AP Smoke break gets more expensive with tax boost AP Obama: Auto industry needs to do more to get help AP Treasury secretary says market won’t solve problem AP For the White House, not so easy being greener AP All Most Viewed » Most Blogged - Politics GM CEO resigns at Obama's behest Politics ‘08 – Sun Mar 29, 2:44 pm EDT Blogs About This Story (62) Prev Next U.S. Moves to Overhaul Ailing Carmakers New York Times – Sun Mar 29, 2:12 pm EDT Blogs About This Story (21) Prev Next Gates: U.S. Not Prepared to Respond to North Korea Missile Launch FOX News – Sun Mar 29, 8:46 am EDT Blogs About This Story (14) Prev Next More From Palin with Bush and Limbaugh on Democrat’s mail Liberal coalition takes shape Sunday Reading: GM Bad advice Petraeus: As safe with Obama Subscribe Add headlines to your personalized My Yahoo! page (About My Yahoo! and RSS) Elections - Politico Add to My Yahoo! RSS Presidential Elections Add to My Yahoo! RSS More News Feeds » Alerts Get an alert when there are new stories about: Michelle Obama fashion Add Selected Alerts View More Alerts » Also on Yahoo! News Today in History Obituaries Corrections News by Region (Yahoo! Directory) Yahoo! News & Media Sites Daily Features All Comics » Opinions & Editorials: Diverse views on news from the right, left, and center. All Opinion » Photo Highlight Photo Highlight Slideshow