August 19, 2009: W.H. looks at Dems-only health bill (Politico)

  • "We've always said that the best politics is based on the best policies that have the support of the American people; those are clearly the policies supported by the President and captured in the legislation passed by the four committees that have acted," said Richard Kirsch, campaign manager for Health Care for America Now, a liberal advocacy group. "When the Republican leadership makes it crystal clear that they have no interest in passing the legislation that the President was elected to deliver, the only course is to move ahead with the support of a majority in Congress."
  • "Any Republican that goes along with this idea of, 'Let's pass something in the Senate and send it to conference with the House,' is really betraying everything we're hearing right now from the American people," DeMint said on Fox News yesterday.
  • "If the Democrats choose to go it alone, their health care plan will fail because the American people will have no confidence in it," Enzi said in a statement.
  • "Democratic leaders find themselves all alone in support of a plan that will drive health care costs higher than ever, increase the federal deficit, slash Medicare, and let government bureaucrats make personal medical decisions that only patients and doctors should make," Boehner said in a statement. "The more the American people learn about this plan, the less they like it. It's time for President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and congressional Democrats to scrap this costly plan, start over and work with Republicans on reforms that make health care more affordable and accessible."