August 12, 2009: Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama’s ‘Deadly Doctor,’ Strikes Back (

  • But in a country where trust is in short supply, Emanuel has become a proxy for all the worst fears of government efforts to rein in costs by denying care. “The fundamental danger is that the American people are being asked to delegate all these life-influencing decisions,” explains Betsy McCaughey, the conservative scholar who wrote the New York Post attack on Emanuel. “There is a lack of transparency here.”
  • For Emanuel, the entire experience has been a painful education in the sometimes brutal ways of politics, something his brother has long endured and dolled out. “I guess I have a better appreciation for what Rahm had to go through for years and years,” Emanuel says now. But that appreciation does not solve the question raised by the controversy. There is universal understanding that the nation’s fiscal course is doomed without major changes to health care, but whom will the American people trust to carry it out?