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Hipsters crack me up.

I was driving home yesterday and passed an open-topped Jeep with a guy slouching in the back. He had on baggy, military-green pants and a faded t-shirt and a loosely-knit yarn cap, pulled down over his eyes. His goatee was shaggy and unkempt, his earrings indifferent metal hoops and his face suffered some sort of sagging malaise that can only communicate one of two things: "Whatever." or "I am in a vegetative coma." He was the perfect picture of studied indifference.

And the last thing he probably wanted was to inspire a by-the-book, boring, kid-and-a-mortgage type white guy to start laughing out loud at him as he scooted down the freeway. But I couldn't help myself. Oh, Lordy. Oh, my.

I think it was the hat that did it.

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