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There's this country radio station here in LA, called KZLA. They've been running a TV ad -- one ad, over and over again -- a lot lately, and whoever put it together is just dumb as a post. Or enormously clever. I can't decide which.

The ad starts by showing quick cuts of generic country singers, with lots of cowboy hats on the men and lots of blonde hair on the women. There's generic clips of generic country music in the background. "Real singers! Real songs!" the announcer booms over it all, "With words you can relate to!"

And right then, at that instant, the ad cuts to a clip of some yahoo walking a stage and singing the lyric, "I've got a bar-b-que stain on my white t-shirt."

Now, while I suspect that KZLA's audience can relate to those particular words (doubley so if the next line is "And it's my good white t-shirt, too"), but it's not the sort of thing you want to advertise.

"Hey, world! We're KZLA! And we've got the slob demographic sewn up!"

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