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  • Of course, the very first actual Texan I saw in Texas had a Zapata.
  • The phrase “Keep Austin Weird” seems to mainly apply to the design of the Convention Center. I think it’s a tesseract. “OK, you need to talk through that door in the ceiling, turn around and come right back through it. That’s the third level. Then, you need to believe you’re in Room 9.”
  • Texas apparently still thinks it’s still its own country.
  • The shoeshine stand at the Austin airport has different rates for shoes and boots. I guess it comes up a lot.
  • “Star” appears to be the prevailing decorative theme.
  • Whoever scheduled “Bridal Events of Distinction” to be in the Convention Center overlapping South by Southwest Interactive has a wonderful, evil sense of humor. One ballroom on the ground floor was packed with pert-nosed, steely-eyed Texas belles, working towards the fantasy wedding they’ve had planned since they were four. And just down the hall were frizzy-haired, haphazardly bathed geeks crawling on the floor and playing in the Lego pile.
  • The bellhops at the Radisson wear big, black, stupid cowboy hats. In case, y’know, someone has to check some cattle.

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