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So there's this billboard along the 405, just south of the 110, that has a giant car radio on it. The ad is for Arrow 103 -- "All Rock and Roll Oldies" -- and the digital read-out on the radio shows what group the station is currently playing.

And it's accurate. If the radio says "STONES," the Rolling Stones are yet again wheezing through "Satisfaction." "ZEPPELIN" translates into the billionth playing of "Stairway to Heaven."

But sometimes they have trouble with space. The better version of "Blinded by the Light" isn't done by "BRUCE", but by "MANF. MANN".

And tonight, as I'm driving home, the giant radio shows that they're playing:


So, of course, I spin the dial over to 103, but it was only "Blue Oyster."

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