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Some evil combination of paternal love, sleep deprivation and the New Economy has left me a hopeless, drooling sap. That eToys ad -- the one where the dad takes his son to the car wash, with the soft humming music and the guazy images and the wide-eyed wonder of a child -- leaves me misty-eyed. I want to pick up my boys and hug them and tell them I love them and go and spend thousands of dollars on them on-line.

Luckily, Windows keeps crashing, so I just go back to hugging them.

Hi there! My name's GREG KNAUSS and I like to make things.

Some of those things are software (like Romantimatic and Buzz Clock), Web sites (like the Webby-nominated Metababy and The American People) and stories (for Web sites like Suck and Fray, print magazines like Worth and Macworld, and books like "Things I Learned About My Dad" and "Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard").

My e-mail address is I'd love to hear from you!

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