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It took eleven months, but 2000 has finally provided the world with some amusing large-scale failure.

I was at work when the clock ticked over for Y2K and could barely contain my disappointment when things didn't start falling apart. I had really been looking forward to watching intricate, delicate systems come collapsing down on themselves in startling and interesting ways. And... pfft. Barely a hic-up. Even the software I wrote continued to work. I mean, come on. Everything I know about technology says that that's not supposed to happen.

But now, with the election thirty-six hours gone and no winner declared, I'm overjoyed. Just like computers are supposed to stop dead when conditions vary outside of the comfortable norms, the political system of the United States wasn't designed to keep going when the unexpected crops up. The thought of an election decided in the courts, or in the House of Representatives, may make the democrat in me squirm in horror, but the geek -- which, I'm a little embarrassed to say, is deeper seated -- is thrilled.

I mean, how often do you get to see a special case like this? This election has been more fun -- y'know, from a purely technical, process-oriented point-of-view -- than impeachment. We should do this whole collapse-of-the-government thing more often.

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