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There are few things more viscerally theraputic than spending a Saturday afternoon heaving crap -- broken hammers, old car parts, splitered wood -- out of the back of a van and into a pile of garbage at the dump.

But one of the things that is, is hauling the old shower doors out first, so you can aim for them.

Hi there! My name's GREG KNAUSS and I like to make things.

Some of those things are software (like Romantimatic and Buzz Clock), Web sites (like the Webby-nominated Metababy and The American People) and stories (for Web sites like Suck and Fray, print magazines like Worth and Macworld, and books like "Things I Learned About My Dad" and "Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard").

My e-mail address is I'd love to hear from you!

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