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John Moe, of Weekend America, did a great profile of the head (and only paid member) of Ron Paul’s Montana campaign on Saturday. David Hart is clearly insane, and you can’t help but love him for it.

[H]e sees some deep-seated problems in the country and he feels a sense of urgency. “I began researching things like the Federal Reserve System and some of the elite organizations that are kind of like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. You’ve got organizations that have a lot of power in this nation and control the way things work. And when I started digging into that further, I realized that it wasn’t just conspiracy theory, it was reality. And there’s a lot of truth to some of these, quote, conspiracy theories that are out there.”

I asked him which ones.

“Well, like the Council on Foreign Relations,” he said. “Back in 1989 when I first learned about this organization, it was hard to get anyone in mainstream media to even acknowledge that it existed. Now it’s talked about very freely and openly. But their objective is not for the well-being of the American people or the sovereignty of this nation. They’ve got an agenda that erodes our sovereignty and leads us more toward global government.”

The Council on Foreign Relations did not return a phone call requesting comment for this story.

Later, another Paul supporter goes after Big, Um, Linguistic Theory:

Clarice Ryan is retired and has concerns about education. “The first step is getting rid of phonics because with phonics you can’t read. And if you can’t read, you can’t learn. There’s always been people trying to take over the world since the Roman Empire days.”


[L]ibertarianism presents some political challenges. Judy Campbell recalls a conversation with a potential supporter who wasn’t registered to vote. “So I gave him a voter registration card, and I said take care of that, and I’ll see you later. And he said, ‘No. I won’t register to vote because I don’t want the government knowing who I am and what my business is.’ And so this is a problem with Montanans.”

So. The Council on Foreign Relations, phonics, off-the-grid paranoia. You throw chem-trails and precious bodily fluids in there and I think I’ve found my candidate for 2008.

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