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John Gruber, the proprietor of the wildly popular Daring Fireball, is funny, smart, an extraordinarily engaging writer, an insightful analyst and a Yankees fan. And therefore the scum of the earth.

Every year that the Yankees buy their way into the post-season — meaning every year — he replaces the logo on his Web site with some sort of gang sign. Those of us who are Daring Fireball fans but cannot abide an association with organized crime now have an alternative:

Damned Fireball

Damned Fireball is a Grease Monkey (for Firefox) and GreaseKit (for Safari) script that corrects the problem. If you just see code when you click the link above, then you need to install Grease(Monkey|Kit)1.

Go Dodgers!

Update (October 13, 2010): The goddamned Yankees are in the ALCS again and since I’ve finally moved to a Mac this year, there’s now a Safari Extension version of Damned Fireball.

Update (October 15, 2012): This time, I’ve moved to Chrome, so there’s now a version for it.

1. Man, doesn’t a Grease Monkey Kit sound like something you’d order from Amazon, and then really, really regret?

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